Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You're A Blockhead, Charlie Brown

That's not really a nice thing to say. Charlie Brown's friends were bullies. Have you ever realized that?
Now that I've started out on a tangent...
I call these little guys "my blockheads." Because that's what they are, they're blocks. From my never ending block supply stash. I swear, those blocks, they must multiply down there in the basement! There's a ton of them!
Aren't they cute? So simple, a child could make them.

Supplies for mummy: 4" block, white spray paint, box of gauze (Dollar Store!), and some googly eyes.
How To: sand block, paint white, hot glue on eyes, wrap with gauze. Tie end and tuck under.

Supplies for Frankie: 4" block, green paint, black paint, googly eyes, black felt, batting and some screws.
How To: sand block, paint green, sand edges, cut felt into a square with jagged edges, glue batting on top of head, glue on felt, glue on eyes, paint some scars and a mouth and screw in some screws on sides.

Hope you enjoyed Project 6. By far the easiest one! 

You can check out this project (and a ton of others made by amazingly talented creators) at Sweet Peas & Bumblebees.

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  1. So cute! I LOVE it! You have the best Halloween ideas. My girls would love making some of these. Thanks for sharing! Hugs- Glora