Thursday, October 6, 2011

Under the Weather?

I don't know what the weather looks like at your house, but where I'm at- it's awful. According to my standards! We're getting Winter without experiencing Fall. Oh, yeah, Fall came and went... in a week! Seriously not long enough. Bring back Summer.
But if you're not feeling well because the weather is crumby, I've got just the medicine for you.
A tray of potions, syrups and remedies:
Project 7

Need Dracula Extract? 1 tsp. of the red vile might do ya!
Got Eyeball Ooze? Chew up the white balls (and blow bubbles,) you're sure to forget about what ails you.
Frog's got your tongue? Frog Syrup is a swampy addition to any meal.
Need some magic? Witches Brew is just for you. It's a fine blend of cackle and magic.
Bat Juice anyone? How 'bout some Monster Milk?
Need a toothache? Full Moon Morsels might just give you that "run to the dentist, quick" sensation.

These were super fun for my kiddos to make. My daughter, however, was repulsed by the name of Eyeball Ooze. My son loved that we could put water into jars and a few drops of food coloring and make "potion."
The morsels are just candy corns and the eyeballs are gumballs. Some of the bottles are recycled, others I bought for cheap at the dollar store. I printed up the labels and stuck them on. The Witches Brew is a soda in a glass bottle.

Have fun concocting...

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  1. These are AWESOME. Way better than the ones that you can buy already made up! I LOVE these!