Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Tree

What do you do with the branches off a tree you've just trimmed?
If you're me, which you aren't, but you could imagine (and play along) than you spray paint them black and call them a Halloween Tree. Or call them Project 10 of 13. Whatever.
It's called recycle or re-use or something.
We'll call this the after-before. It's after I cut the branches and after I painted them, but it's before I hung anything on them. Maybe it's the after-after-before?

I bought the vase at the one and only dollar store. Love that place, except I've probably spent $100 dollars there lately. Adds up quick!

And then, what to hang on this tree? Alot of ideas came through my head... and then went out of my head. That's how I roll. And one day while at this giant "candy" store called Hobby Lobby, I spotted this glittered felt. Oh how I love felt. Oh how I love bling and glitter. Together- it's a marriage made in heaven! And the black glittered felt said to me "BUY ME!" And I did cuz I'm like that. And I knew that my tree must have bats flying in it! That's how it happened, believe me.

I have the cutest son. He's clever like his momma. But he's more clever because he said to me "Mom, you should use dad's fishing line and hang the bats so they look like they're flying." He is a genius, I wouldn't have thought of that. Those glittery bats would have been hanging with ribbon if he wasn't around. Thanks, son- I love you!
So, just for him- here's a close up of my bats hung with fishing line:
Of course, every scary Halloween tree must have some of that fake spider web stuff in it.
It turned out purty cute if I must say so myself!
Now go cut some branches off your tree (or your neighbors tree- just don't tell them I said so if you get caught) and make ya a Halloween Tree. I think I might use this one for something fall-ish, even though it's black. Still thinking...

I've linked up this project at Sweet Peas & Bumblebees. Hurry, go check out that site- but make sure you have a few hours- there's a ton of stuff to see. I love it!

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  1. This is awesome and you are right your son is a genius. They really look like they are flying instead of hanging there. I love it!