Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkins In Disguise: Project 5

Hi, my name is Kerry and I've got a "pumpkin addiction."

There, I said it. I've admitted my problem. Isn't that the first step in recovery?
I was looking through Parenting magazine (I have tried to find the exact link but it's impossible!) while at work and saw a white pumpkin with a mask. I think it was made up to be a kitty, but I didn't just love the whiskers and/or ears. Adjust, tweek, make it my own. That's a sickness of mine. 

Off to find a cheap pumpkin. Perfect, Dollar Store! So instead of picking up just one- I bought a handful. A handful is actually putting it nicely! 

I like the "feel" off odd numbers. Which doesn't explain why I have 2 kids... another subject. So I knew I had to disguise 3 pumpkins, all different. So, as I have said before, I lay awake at nights thinking about creative junk. Said pumpkins were part of the keep-me-awake-creative-junk. Along with the sleepless hours, I spend plenty of time on Pinterest, blog stalking and Google, too!
And I eventually came up with these:

 This is the pumpkin that started it all!
I simply spray painted (I know that's weird) the pumpkin white. I cut out a mask from white cardstock and glittered the heck out of it! While I was at it, I glittered the stem, too. Cuz everything's better with BLING! Right, girls? Just agree with me here. Oh, more bling- I put some swirly designs on the top and sides with  black glitter glue. Easy as pie. 'cept I never understood that saying cuz pie isn't easy to make- just sayin'

Mod Podge and I became fast friends with this little pumpkin. Oh, and that Sunday paper that never gets read. Might as well do something with it, right? I cut the paper into 1" strips and just started gluing. I then painted the stem brown because the dollar store pumpkin makers didn't really do a A+ job at it. But hey, for a buck, whatcha expect?

And I do have to 'pologize for not having a photo of the black pumpkin by itself. Stupid picture wouldn't load to my computer. I don't know...
But the black one was spray painted too. Surprise! I then printed out "Oct. 31" on my computer. Ya know that little trick on laying the paper on the object and using a ball point pen to trace and make an indention? I painted in the lines with a small brush and some white acrylic paint. Simple!

The whole project took me a couple of hours. I have so many more pumpkins to diguise...

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