Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Been Fun

Now help me count down til Halloween with this fun block calendar.
Project 13!

A little vinyl, some paint, a few cuts of paper and some wood blocks.

This is just one of those cut & sand the wood blocks projects. Then paint them. Cut scrapbook paper and mod podge it on. Cut vinyl numbers and month. Apply it to the blocks and mod podge over the entire project. 

This was actually a get-together-with-my-sisters-and-one-of-our-cousins projects. The funnest part of these little craft days is that each person's completed craft turns out different. 

It's been fun to share some of my Halloween stuff with you. I could create things for this holiday all year 'round. But then my children would think I was crazy! And I would need an additional house or two to decorate when the holiday rolled around.

 (More project views- just so you can see a small portion of my Halloween paper addiction.)

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  1. Awesome idea and I love that you girls did it as a get together! The kids always LOVE projects like this and they look great too. Your Halloween projects have been awesome!!! Hugs- Glora