Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Warning: Project Overload Coming Soon

This blog has been quiet lately. And I apologize for that. 
But since this blog hasn't been around for a Halloween season yet,(yes, Halloween IS a season in my world) you better hold on to your seat. I've got so many projects for the spooky holiday up my sleeve. It's almost scary! 

You see, HAlLoweEn is my favoritest (that's a word in my world) holiday EVER, EVER, EVER! Okay, it is my birthday, yes, on Halloween. And who doesn't get excited for their birthday? But I just love to decorate for Halloween. I don't like gore and guts. I don't like scary spiders. I'm not into extreme yard decorating. I like more "cute-sy" stuff. Stuff that isn't like everyone else's. Stuff that I can make or buy and alter to make it my own. Okay, I admit, I like to alter everything- not just when it comes to decorating for Halloween.

So, if ya just be patient a day or two longer, you'll see this blog light up with projects for Halloween. 
Are you ready?

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