Tuesday, September 27, 2011

13, such a scary number

My mind works goes 24/7. Seriously, I lose so much sleep over the silliest of things! So, lately I've been stirring around the idea of how to post all the awesome-ness (I borrowed that word from MANDI) that I'm creating for Halloween. Do I throw it all into one post? Split it up into a couple posts, so as not to overwhelm anyone? Do a daily this-is-the-cutest-project-ever post?

Can you see why I lose sleep?

Then it hit me. And thank goodness it wasn't a brick cuz then you would never be able to see all of my creations cuz I'd be unconscious.
Yes, 13 days of Halloween! Because I have 13 projects! Right? Are you with me? Since most weekends are totally consumed by work and work and family and crazy-ness, I will start posting a project a day, starting TODAY (x-nay weekends) and then the final wrap up will be on October 13th. Genius? Hey, it took alot of thinking. Play along...

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