Monday, August 29, 2011

Screen Isn't Just For Doors

Waaay back in March, at the Scrapbook USA Expo, I purchased this frame. I wish I could remember the name of the vendor I got it from? Sorry! I knew exactly who I was making it for- my dear mother, who was remodeling her bedroom. I knew she would love it. I gave myself a "due date" to complete it by. Because I know myself too well- I let projects sit around with good intentions and then... You know the rest. I have a basement full of unfinished projects "good intentions."
So, for Mother's Day, my sweet, adorable, young mother would receive this fabulous jewelry hanger! And I actually got it done. Pretty impressive, huh? And now I'm just getting around to posting it... Hey, I can't be prompt about everything.
So, the how-to's: like I said, the frame was pre-cut {purchased} and I just painted it. I have this little secret: WalMart has these Glidden Testers that are around $3. They are perfect for a project like this. Spray paint doesn't always come in the perfect color. {I feel like I might be struck down for saying that.} And then I Mod Podged scrapbook paper on it. I bought a roll of screen at Wally World and cut a piece to size and then... ahem- I glued it to the back edge. Yep, just me and my glue gun. I had a suggestion, from my dear father, to use a staple gun, but that seemed too difficult. Just glue it! {Hey, I might use that as my new motto- you don't think Nike would mind, right?} I glued on those cute drawer knobs (after painting them, of course.) Ripped a piece of broadcloth and threaded it through the pre-drilled holes and WAH-LAH! I love it and wished I would have bought more of the frames... the EXPO is coming up, maybe I can find more?
Notice the jewelry? I made that too. That's another post.

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