Thursday, July 21, 2011

Faux Chandy

If you read this blog very often, you may remember when I posted about all my projects? Yes? No?
Well, one of those just happened to be some vinyl schtuff I purchased for my walls. Not that it's a big accomplishment, but I got one of those projects done. After giving this wall a fresh coat of "cream in my coffee" paint from Valspar, I "hung" up this beauty:

And can I just say, I LOVE, so very much, this little chandelier "hanging" from my ceiling?! I've received a million compliments on it. {I may be stretching that just a bit.} But it's visible from my front door and every person that comes to our house, almost immediately, looks up and says something about it. I'll admit, I stare at it ALOT! It makes me super happy with all it's bling and charm!
Big shout out to: DCWV for this oh-so-easy vinyl chandy! I purchased this one from their warehouse sale for around $3, I think!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that turned out SO pretty! I can see why everyone comments on it! I LOVE all the bling!