Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

Remember that song? Okay, I'm dating myself. I apologize.


Sorry about the dark, blurry photo. 
This was super fun, super easy and quick, quick, quick to make! I scoured my scrap paper bin for spring colors. I didn't even worry about "matchy-matchy." As long as it was pastel, spring-y, I went with it. And then I pulled out my trusty Cricut. {Shameless Plug: The Wall Decor and More cartridge is da bomb dot com!} I cut out 3 1/2", 3" and 2 1/2" butterflies. 19 of them to be exact. Since I didn't want the antenna getting all wrapped up in the string, I simply cut them off.  Uh, seriously- this next part is a little "ghetto" but it's true. I cut about an inch strip off a cereal box, twice. Yes, a cereal box. And I taped it together and taped it again into a circle for my pretty butterflies to hang off. I then arranged 5 different lengths of DMC floss around the circle. Glue Dots helped me sandwich the floss between my butterflies. Bend the wings out a little and they're flying!! I used ribbon, 4 strands, to use as a hanger. Oh and then I gathered, with a glue gun, a little fabric around the circle, just to cover the Rice Krispies box. 
Phew, that was a long description for such an easy project! But I betcha you could figure it out without my babbling. 


  1. I totally LOVE it. Nothing wrong with reusing things like cereal boxes. I call it being thrifty.

  2. this turned out really pretty! :) rebecca