Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Hopes of Spring

I really thought that Spring was on it's way... no dice. The weatherman says "snow." Um, NOOOOO!
So I'm doing my part to try and usher in the warmer weather by wearing flip-flops and making a cute tee! Ya gotta check this baby out! (But promise not to laugh.) I was at that one "big box store" the other day and spotted these cute little numbers for $3 each. Uh, no way?! Deal, I'll take two! (Maybe I got more than two?)
I simply cut off the bottom of the grey one. I have intentions of making that one cute, too. Lucky you, a future post to look forward too. If you're doing the math- that's 2 shirts for $6! And not just "off the rack" fashion, either. I won't be looking like everyone else who saw that bargain and stuffed their carts full, er, I mean, bought just two of them. :)
Next, I cut out a flower, 2 sizes, from a piece of junk mail. Go figure. I then pinned it on the grey and started cutting like a mad woman. I don't even know how many flowers I cut. That's a good tutorial for ya, right? And then I started placing them around the collar. Before I *hand-stitched* them on, I folded them in half then in half again so that they popped out more.
I decided I didn't like the flowers all the way around, it looked too much like a lei. NOTHING wrong with a lei, I just didn't think I would want to be wearing one every time I wore this shirt. So I started sewing from the center front and "built up" from there, until I liked the look. Eventually it looked full enough and I stopped cutting flowers and stitching.

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