Sunday, December 18, 2011

From The Drawer to The Wall

I've always felt that I needed an organizational something for my necklaces. As cute as the one I did for my mom turned out, I just didn't know if that was the style I was going for for me? Picky, picky. When I have something in mind, a style for my hair, a paint color for a room, etc. I MUST have perfection- or the closest thing I can get. OCD? Maybe.

So, if you've looked on Pinterest at all, you've seen a few necklace/jewelry organizer thing-ies. I pinned one that was made from a 1x4 and some drawer knobs, easy enough?

I had NO idea how much fun picking out knobs from Hobby Lobby would be? Seriously, my sister was with me and she thought I was a little, teeny, tiny bit crazy. Have you seen their selection? If not, I suggest you run to the nearest HL QUICK! Maybe it's just me?

I have boards, 1x4's around my garage from previous craft projects. And the more unfinished and/or craft junk I get out of the garage and make something out of, the happier the husband is! It's a win-win situation.

So, I got to work. Sand, primer, paint and sand again. Measure out for even spacing of the knobs and drill the holes. My knobs had pretty long screws and I didn't want them scraping the wall, so I borred out the back and screwed on the knobs then cut the screw off even with the back. Pretty tricky, I even impressed my father- that's amazing. I attached some picture hangers to the back and called it done.

I just love that my necklaces don't get tangled in the drawer! I just have two problems. For one, after all was said and done- all of my necklaces didn't fit with the bracelets. For two, my husband now knows how much jewelry I have, and can see when I buy something new. Oh well...
So back to the drawer for the bracelets and back to Pinterest for an idea on how to organize those. Oh what a sad life... :)
This is about an 1/8 of my stash. Yes, I love owls!

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  1. Awesome idea! I totally need to do something like this! I love it! Hugs- Glora