Sunday, December 18, 2011

Burlap Blessings

Because of Pinterest, my head spins. 
I've seen alot of uses for burlap on that site. And so I purchased some burlap... 
and then I just sat there staring at it. 
What to do with it? 
Things I learned about burlap:
*it stinks! Seriously, it smells like gasoline. My sister told me this prior to buying it. It's not that I didn't believe her, I just didn't think it was THAT potent. It is! I suggest you let it "air out" for a couple days before using it. Put it in the basement or the garage, on the back porch would be nice, too. I have too much wind to leave anything outside- it would be over in the next block the following morning.
*it frays QUICK! I used Elmer's glue on the edges, after I lost a few inches to fraying. I just put some wax paper underneath and put a strip of glue on the edges. Let it dry for a few hours unless you're impatient. Unlike me :)
*it stencils beautifully! I was amazed at how clean the lines were. I expected alot of bleeding, not so.

So, what did I create?

A holiday table runner
I cut out the word from the Cricut and some vinyl. A foam brush and some brown paint and you got it. While it was drying (which I hated waiting for) I cut out some felt leaves, berries and acorns and hand sewed them around the "blessings." I sewed some ricrac to the glued edges. The top edge was finished, so I left it alone.

 Maybe next year we can enjoy it for longer than a few days... 

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