Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweater Makeover

I've been inspired to "re-purpose" clothing lately. I read, re-read and stalk blogs like it's going out of style. A whole bunch have had clothing makeovers. Too many to list... I'm not a trendy brat but I hate having the same wardrobe year after year. I was going through my closet not too long ago and realized that I had a few items that were old. This particular sweater was on it's way to the DI. And then...
The top photo is the before. It may be hard to see but the hood was falling off. How trashy is that? And I got so excited to get going that I forgot to take a picture before I took the zipper out, hence, the zipper just laying on top. And the zipper was broke, another trashy moment! The sleeves were very stretched out. The 2 bottom pics are the after photos. After taking the zipper out, I removed the (rest of) hood. I was planning on finishing the edges (around the top and down the center) with a wide grosgrain ribbon, but to my surprise, I found a finished edge on the center where I removed the zipper! Yay, alot less work for me. Around the collar I just sewed an edge.  I {heart} flowers so I HAD to throw some on this sweater. I folded up the sleeves and tacked a button on them, and ALL buttons used on this were from my grandmothers button can that I inherited!
There's alot more sewing projects to come on this blog. Yes, lately, my sewing machine & I have become friends.

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