Thursday, June 9, 2011

Take A Seat

This little number was in sad, sorry shape when I brought her home. ;( She was in desperate need of TLC from Kerry. Infact, every time I walked by her (she was sitting at the salon where I work) she would pretty much beg me to take her home.

The only part of this project I didn't like was returning her to her real home. I'm moving on...

ALOT of sanding, which I enjoyed, a coat of primer (both the spray kind and the roll on stuff) and some painting skills and wa-lah! I painted the seat and the back of the chair creme, the actual color is called Latte. I then placed the stencils on and painted the entire thing black. I need to give credit over here for the gorgeous stencil. I printed the pattern on the reverse side of some contact paper. Is it still called that? Ya know the stuff you stick inside drawers and shelves? I got mine at the $ store! Can you say "cheap?" And then used my small pointy scissors to cut out the details. It's all worth it! The bird stencil was cut using the Cricut and the Wall Decor & More Cartridge. I had to touch up little places where the paint bled under the stencil, which was my least favorite part, but in the end I was pleased with how she turned out.

The owner of this seat is more than thrilled. YAY!

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  1. This chair is A-MAZ-ING! I've seen so many chairs like this before, but now I'll be looking at them differently!