Friday, May 6, 2011

There's A Little Contest Goin' On

A huge giveaway! You already know, or you should know, how much i {heart} Die Cuts With A View. Uh, seriously- when I used to work for that little scrapbook store for about 5 years, I was always excited when the DCWV (we're on an abbreviation name basis!) order would come in. As much as I loathed checking in orders, I didn't mind the Die Cuts order AT. ALL! New stacks and fun stuff! Ya kidding me?
So, Super Erin, over at DCWV Diary decided she would giveaway some fabulous prizes in honor of National Scrapbook Day. Just in case you're wondering when NSD is (yeah, another abbreev because I'm cool like that,) it's officially tomorrow Sat. May 7th. But I think I'll wait to celebrate it when I win one of these fab prizes and receive it in my mailbox. Oh yeah, I'm that cocky confident!
Go ahead, enter it. I dare ya!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! I know, wow what amazing prizes! I hope you win, you confident person you :).