Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Little Time

I have so many projects I NEED to put on my blog. I've been crazy busy! And then recovering from surgery in the mix doesn't help my cause.

But I wanna show you another page I did for DCWV challenge.
I remember these years in my little mans life! He was scared terrified of going to school! He would cry until the teacher called me so I could come and calm him down. We spent a good 3 weeks in tears, both him and I, but eventually he eased into it and went without a problem. Until Fall Break then Christmas Break and again at Spring Break! We started all over with tears each time for about a week. Those are frustrating memories I never want to forget, I just try to push them to the back of my mind.

I promise to work a little harder to manage my time and get some more posts done!

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