Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine Banner

Just look at any scrapbook or craft magazine and you'll see banners of every size, shape, material, etc. They are all the rage right now. And I'm love, love, love with them!! And I just might go overboard with them... who knows?

This is my first (and favorite) banner, so far!

How To: Cut triangles and scalloped triangles out of felt. Sew them together. Sew them onto the length of ribbon. I cut the letters and heart out of patterned Valentine fabric (which you can't see in the photo- sorry) with my Cricut {I couldn't live without my personal die-cutting machine!} Sew the letters onto the triangles, after ironing them onto black felt with wonder under.
Man, I used my sewing machine AND iron for this project. Not likely to happen very often!

1 comment:

  1. OOHH, I love it. I've been wanting to make a banner for a while, but I hadn't thought of making it out of felt. It is SO cute! Hugs- Glora